What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is not about building walls or fences to keep people outside. Cornerstone is about Nehemiah who built a wall that helped people move from the suburbs of Jerusalem and close to the temple and closer to one another.

At the time of the prophet Nehemiah, there were no walls surrounding and protecting Jerusalem. People came to the city to worship in the temple, and then they left. Practically noone lived in the city for obvious safety reasons.

Nehemiah built the wall, and instead of keeping people away from the temple, these walls served the purpose of keeping people close to the temple. The temple atmosphere of worship became a perfume for the entire city because these walls did not limit people - they gave room to live and grow - securely.

Currently, Cornerstone is a content management system with social features. These social features are growing stronger by the day, and it gives the Church the option of nurturing social interaction securely and with some limits as well as to open up to Facebook and Twitter for those areas where that fits. We are not in the business of building Christian ghettos. The time before Nehemiah built the wall was the ghetto period - not so with the following time period where people lived close to the temple. Ghettos only emerge when people merely live close to other people. With God in the picture, our purpose is revealed, and these man made boundaries are broken.

But Cornerstone is more. Cornerstone has a strong foundation for applications of any kind - to serve the Church. We are working to make modules for membership management, e-commerce, song lyrics management, donor management, etc. Cornerstone will eventually support all information flow in your Church both within your staff, your volunteers, your members and the community.

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